Privacy Statement

The information on the Alberta Wait Times Reporting website does not contain any personal identification and will not impact an individual's privacy.

Any specialty information included on the Alberta Wait Times Reporting website is publicly available through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

A privacy impact assessment has been reviewed by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.


The information on the Alberta Wait Times Reporting website comes from participating facilities. Information accuracy is entirely dependent on data submitted by the facilities. The Ministry of Health assumes no liability for the facilities' information. Wait time information submitted by the facilities comes directly from physicians who are responsible for ensuring the information they provide is accurate.

The wait time data on this website is provided for information purposes only and shows historical wait time trends. The information is not a guarantee of maximum wait time for any individual. Neither the Ministry of Health nor Alberta Health Services assumes any responsibility or liability for any reliance placed on estimated wait times.

Data Quality

With the formation of Alberta Health Services, work is underway to create consistent definitions and health data across the province and to harmonize collection methods that previously varied throughout 12 health entities. As such, definition development, data integrity reviews, and data remediation by Alberta Health Services are ongoing in order to enhance data accuracy and consistency.